High level of expertise and close connections with the industry allow MFS to offer most relevant and advanced programs and foster new generations of professional, sought-after specialists. MFS offer study programs in all key areas of film making which enables students to work comprehensively on their joint projects that fully resemble a real production process.

Moscow Film School is the most technologically advanced film school in Russia. Sophisticated, up-to-date resources allow implementation of projects of every level of technical requirements — from idea to post production.

The key areas of study at MFS:
  • film
  • TV
  • digital Media

The main formats include Pre-Degree programmes in Film and Animation, continuing professional development programmes, preparatory courses, intensive courses aimed at upgrading professional level of practicing specialists.

Moscow,Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya St., 10-2
Maria Sitkovskaya
Moscow Film School Director
It is never easy to be a leader, to be ahead of others, to introduce new standards of education. But we are proud that Moscow Film School has become an inspiration for so many. This means our students get access to the first hand practices and infrastructure of the highest level.
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