Scream School
Educational hub of digital and creative professions of the future that are transforming the world today.

Scream School offers opportunities for learning new skills at any professional level. It constantly develops and improves its educational programmes and industry connections.

The key areas of study at Scream School:
  • programming
  • development of computer games
  • computer graphics for film, TV, advertising
  • 3D and classic animation
  • multimedia communication
  • VR

The main educational formats are foundation programmes of continuing professional development, preparatory courses, intensive courses aimed at upgrading professional level of practising specialists.

Moscow,<br />Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya St., 10-4
Anna Grigorieva
Scream School Director

The digital industry develops at a whirlwind speed. Relevance of knowledge determines, to a large extent, “the market value” of each specialist. Will they be in demand tomorrow when computer technologies leap to yet another level? Will they be able to adjust themselves to a new environment? To make this happen we need to change and improve our very approach to education. This is exactly what Scream School does by constantly developing courses, programmes of study, formats of industry relations and immersion of our students into the professional environment.

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