Moscow Music School
A school of contemporary music for those who will shape the music industry of tomorrow.

Moscow Music School offers most proficient programmes for professionals in contemporary music industry.

The School uses best educational practices, has an array of highly professional authors, musicians, specialists in music production and post production among its tutors. The School’s mission is to integrate students and graduates into professional environment and provide them with the best possible knowledge, experience and opportunities for a successful career in the music industry.

Courses in Music Production and Songwriting & Music Performance are focused on professional music production using all advanced digital technologies. A programme “Music Business” aims at training managers of artists, music labels and experts in copyright in music industry.

The main modes of study are foundation programmes of continuing professional education, intensive courses, creative summer and winter camps for practising musicians.

Moscow,Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya St., 10-9
Dmitry Panov
Moscow Music School Director
Contemporary music industry requires a skill set that can ensure a high quality of the final result and not only production masterly. Our graduates know how to strategically build their careers and then the industry will find a way to accommodate them. Design, architecture, film have all gone through major transformation in our country, now it’s time for the music industry. Moscow Music School is the place where professional industry is united with young talents.
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