Moscow Food Academy seeks to provide comprehensive professional training in the food sector in Russia and build a community of the industry leaders. The school aims to serve as a hub where the food industry contributes to the new generation of gastronomy enthusiasts to boost the HoReCa businesses in Russia.

 Major subjects being taught at the Moscow Food Academy:

— Culinary Art

— Business & Management  

— Marketing & Communications  

— Food Science  

— Food Tech

— Food Design

The main formats of study are foundation programs of continuing and conversion training, intensive courses for skills enhancement for practitioners.

Igor Ganzha
co-founder of Universal University
We are so used to vague terms and meanings that when a beautiful word like “renaissance” is used to denote the sad return of worm-eaten bonds and manuals we are hardly surprised. But renaissance above all things is about creativity, reinvention, and a new life. And life as usual has many dimensions. We are happy to see how in the true sense of this word the Russian gastronomic tradition sees its revival in all its forms — from recipes to service, from management to new innovative formats. We are proud to be part of this revival by opening a big international school Moscow Food Academy.
Contacts of all faculties
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