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  The School of Education is a training school for educators who research classic approaches to humanistic education, develop brand-new methods, and want to bring them into practice. We created a set of programs that will help build a professional community and provide advanced tools for further development.

The School’s programs are targeted at schoolteachers, college instructors, and vocational trainers that are keen on using modern teaching techniques; program designers who wish to create a valuable learning experience; top managers in education who aim to transform their organization. 

Our values

Learning ability
We believe that an educator is a lifelong-learner by nature. That is why we centered our programs on helping students to develop their self-directed learning skills that would eventually give them a jump-start outside the class.
Context-awareness and critical thinking
Education reflects and reshapes reality. One of the key aspects of the School's programs is how we understand pecularities of the world we're living in, how we analyzy and critically interpret them.
Human-centric approach
A human being is our central point. We create an ecological and human-oriented learning environment for our students and teach them to do the same.
Creative thinking
The world is full of uncertainty —.that's why an ability to achieve innovation in education is crucial. Creative thinking is all about the courage to rethink the reality, it's a skill that we target in all of the School's programs.
Self-directed learning within a community
People do not own knowledge. But it does belong to all. Building a community of like-minded individuals that could learn from each other is no less important than being a student of a program.
Sonya Smyslova

Curator of the School of Education; Head of the Center for Academic Quality and Creative Teaching & Learning at Universal University

“The upcoming decade will bring some profound changes to the education sector. A new global educational framework is looming, and we want to be part of it.”
For cooperation and participation please contact:
Asya Fursova
[email protected]

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