U-incubator’s work is dedicated to the support and development of the creative economy and entrepreneurs in Russia.

There are two main areas of development within the incubator: the Mini MBA for those who already have experience in the industry and would like to start their own business and assimilation of student and graduate joint projects and partnerships with the industry.

90%survival rate for companies that have gone through the incubator

56%three-year survival rate for new small and medium-sized businesses


In the last 15 years over 10,000 professional, active, goal-driven specialists have graduated from the University. Running their own business is the goal of approximately 25% of our students.

The Mini MBA at Universal University is best suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs in the creative industries. Its goal is to help create efficient and smooth-running business systems that minimise risks and successfully turn creative potential into profit.

Duration of study:
3 months
Mode of study:
Part time
Start of study:
March 2019

Objectives of the course:

To help aspiring entrepreneurs master business competences for the launch of their own company.
With the aid of experienced mentors from creative industries to put together the core of a business plan of one’s future company.
To help bring together a team for the start-up.
To open up opportunities for investments into one’s project.
To prompt an understanding of the wide range of opportunities for the development of one’s own project, and to teach a method of working with and developing hypotheses.
To provide guidance in the field of trademark laws.


Twice a year the Incubator offers its strategic partners a selection of projects that is based on a certain criteria set by the partner and predicts creative economy trends of the next 3-5 years.

The launch of the business incubator platform, as well as subjects of the incubator, are sent to the students no later than 4 months prior to unfolding of the project.

In the U-incubator, participants work on their projects in an environment which is as close possible to the real world. Our first-hand experience shows that students’ and graduates’ ideas are potentially interesting for established companies, which creates opportunities to develop one’s final project with the support of the Incubator’s strategic partners.

Main goals of the Incubator:

To teach students and graduates of the Universal University the basics of running a business.
'Incubation' of the projects within the framework of the Incubator from the business idea to the turnkey business.
To raise venture investments and business angels at the stage of the incubation.
To support start-ups in the after-incubation period.
To contribute to the inviting of strategic investors.
Ekaterina Cherkes-zade
Universal University Director
Universal University is the creative valley of Russia because it is the place where ideas get conceived and cross-disciplinary projects  materialise. It is the place that brings together leading companies from various industries.

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